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At All Electric Scooters, we know how important it is for every customer to be able to customize their mobility scooter and make it truly one of a kind. That is why we stock the largest inventory of electric mobility scooter accessories including arm bags, mobility scooter batteries, cane holders, crutch holders, oxygen holders, canopies, covers, seat back bags, and more.

If you have any questions contact our mobility scooter specialists by calling 1-800-790-1637.

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  • Armrest Bags

    Armrest Bags

    Add storage to the armrest of your electric scooter.

  • Electric Scooter Batteries

    Electric Scooter Batteries

    We carry batteries for every type of electric mobility scooter on the market. Please call us if you aren't sure which type you need.

  • O2 Tank, Cane, and Crutch Holders

    O2 Tank, Cane, and Crutch Holders

    Various equipment holders that attach to the back of your scooter's seat.

  • Personal Covers

    Personal Covers

    Protect your clothes from the elements when you ride your scooter outdoors.

  • Scooter Canopies

    Scooter Canopies

    The best way to provide protection from intense sunlight, wind, and rain while riding your scooter outdoors.

  • Scooter Chargers

    Scooter Chargers

    Scooter chargers keep the batteries in your scooter in great shape thanks to their advanced smart charging technology. We also carry OEM charger replacements, please call for more information.
  • Scooter Covers

    Scooter Covers

    Protect your scooter while its being moved or stored.

  • Seatback Bags

    Seatback Bags

    Add additional storage for your belongings on the back of your scooter's seat.

  • Tiller Bags

    Tiller Bags

    Add additional storage to the front of your scooter if you don't have a basket.

  • Trays


    Write, eat, and use your computer without getting up from your scooter with these trays.

  • Under Seat Storage

    Under Seat Storage

    Store your valuables out of sight on your electric scooter.