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All Electric Scooters - Customer Feedback

  • Ellen Combs from  U.S.
    We can't believe it. We received the scooter today. My husband loves it. Thanks so much for whatever you did to speed it up, or even if you did nothing.

    I'm so happy that now we can go to North Carolina to see my son.

  • Dustin Douglas from  U.S.
    Received my new 3 wheel electric scooter, very fast shipping and started right up, thank you for your help.
  • Linda B. from  Colorado Springs, Co
    I just wanted to let you know that because of your Golden Buzzaround Lite scooter, my mother has been able to spend time more time with her grandchildren. Thank you for giving her a sense of freedom again. I will definitely be recommending your company to everyone who needs a scooter. Thanks again
  • Sally S. from  Cleveland, OH
    You would not believe this but I am able to put my Golden Buzzaround Lite scooter together and take it apart very easily, just like you said. I was worried about that part. Now I can go to the grocery store and move through my house without that old walker I was using for so long. Thanks for the speedy delivery too. It seemed like it got here so quick. I just wanted to thank you again for being so patient with me and getting the right electric scooter for me
  • Sam Harr from  Bristol, TN
    Just wanted to let you know that my electric scooter trailer arrived yesterday and me and one of my friends assembled in about an hour. And I have to tell you, this is the way to go if you need some thing to transport an electric scooter. Thanks again!
  • Paul Szot from  Newton, NH
    My mom loves the scooter! I will not hesitate to buy from your company in the future and will certainly recommend it to others. Thanks for your patients with my order and the timely delivery.
  • Ismail R Hanna,MD from  Kingston, MA
    Thank you very much, the electric scooter was delivered 10 minutes ago. Most beautiful,extremely sturdy. Thank you again!
  • Barbara Danforth from  Alaska
    I got a call from fed-ex Wednesday to set up a time to deliver my new electric scooter. I got it yesterday and set it up. It is so beautiful, I am still charging so will take it on a test ride tonight. I thank you for responding to my concerns and for all the care I got from your team. I talked to someone from your business about shipping fees to Alaska. The staff at All Electric Scooters were so kind to me and let me tell you when you get to be a senior this is what you look for when dealing with older people. Thanks again!
  • Barbara Morrell from  USA
    I love my new electric scooter, and my husband does too. He likes the way it comes apart to put in the trunk of our car. I want to Thank You to you and everyone that had to do with the timely delivery of my scooter.
  • Michael Fox from  Ireland
    I received my new Buzz Around Scooter on Saturday morning, and as your advertisement says "Some things are definitely worth waiting for," I am very pleased with this new scooter, so it was definitely worth waiting to get it to Ireland. I thank you for arranging the shipment to JFK airport and handing it over to my shipper, in the end all went very smoothly. I would have no hesitation in recommending All Electric Scooters to anybody that is looking for a scooter. Once again thank you for everything.
  • Nita Hoernig from  LaMirada, Ca
    Dear Friends at All Electric Scooters, My uncle's new electric scooter arrived yesterday in LaMirada Ca. Thank you so very much, the report I received via telephone this morning was that the scooter is fantastic and the red is beautiful. My uncle can rotate in the seat to get off which is so important. He has already had it out and he said the lights come on in the evening with a sensor, the brakes are wonderful, turning ratio is excellent and I can not tell you how happy he was to receive this life giving gift. It must make you feel wonderful to get the news from your customers of how enriched their lives are with the mobility of a scooter. Thank you for your good service and excellent product.
  • Scott Ferguson from  Alabama
    I just wanted to let you know that the electric scooter arrived about 7:00 this evening. It arrived in perfect condition and I couldn't be more thrilled with the model you helped me select. It's perfect and absolutely the coolest scooter I've ever seen.
  • Mike Richardson, RN from  GA
    Dear Sir, I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy the Shoprider Scootie we got from All Electric Scooters. My significant other is very independent now and she loves getting out more than ever.

    Thanks again for a wonderful scooter.We had had a number of people to stop us and ask us where we got our Scootie and I have even taken it apart in the grocery store parking lot to show people how fast and how light and portable it is.

  • Bill and Wanda D'Arezzo from  California
    First I would like to express to you how pleased we are with the service we have received in our order of a Pride Scooter. Things moved along in a very timely fashion and the Pride Mobility Scooter arrived yesterday and your representative arrived this morning to assemble it. We couldn't be happier with All Electric Scooters and service we have received. We will be happy to recommend your company to any of our friends that see our scooter and are interested in purchasing one also.
  • Jerry Wigington from  Wichita Kansas
    I can sure see why you folks have the BBB Reliability logo! Less than 24 hours ago I ordered an Oxygen Carrier and it was here before 8:30 am this morning. This nation needs five million more businesses that are as friendly, accommodating, reliable and caring about the needs of their customer's as All Electric Scooters is.
  • Larry Haycar from  Bridgeport, NY
    I received my new Pride Legend 4-wheel scooter in April of this year. Needless to say I'm very proud of it and like to show it off. I'm 62 and had a mini-stroke which left me with a limp and weakness on my left side. I'll have a liver transplant in two or three months. The cirrhosis left me even weaker. The scooter gives me independence which I haven't had in several years. I live in Bridgeport, New York. I'm now able to go fishing, see friends, and just about anything I want to do.