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All electric Scooters adds new Vehicle Lifts!

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November 7th, 2010 – Raleigh, NC - All Electric Scooters, an online retailer of mobility scooters for the disabled and elderly, is excited to announce the return of Pride Vehicle Lifts.

“Pride is a company that has a reputation that is almost unmatched,” says Tim Ziewein the Vice-President of sales for All Electric Scooters. “When we were given the opportunity to carry their vehicle lifts, we knew it was an opportunity that we could not pass up.”

Starting immediately All Electric Scooters will be carrying the full catalog of Pride vehicle lifts including the Pride Backpacker, the Pride Outlander, the Pride Power Tote, and the Pride Manual Wheelchair Carrier.

“By adding these new lifts we hope to answer the age old question of what is a user to do with his scooter, if he needs to travel and wants to take his mobility scooter with him.”

The Pride Power Tote, will be the first will be the first vehicle lift added to All Electric Scooters. It is a hand operated external vehicle lift, which features a 150 lift weight capacity.

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All Electric Scooters, is an online retailer of mobility scooters for the disabled and elderly. Their product catalog includes mobility scooters, vehicle lifts, and scooter accessories. For more information please visit