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Going Green With An Electric Scooter

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Our precious planet EarthChoosing an electric scooter for transportation over a traditional gas automobile is not only friendly to the earth; it can radically reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline, insurance, and costly vehicle maintenance. With gas prices hovering at around $4.00 a gallon in the United States, those who must commute ten miles or more to work a day stand to save a few hundred dollars a month in gas alone. Multiply this out by twelve months, and you can see why an electric scooter is incredibly economical.


The savings in gas are only part of the total reduction to your budget. Depending on your driving record, insurance rates for scooters tend to be far more affordable than those for gasoline automobiles, too. Plus, electric scooters are not as mechanically complex as their automotive counterparts, which means that maintenance costs far less. With only two tires, you won’t be shelling out nearly as much cash as you would for a full four tire monster. Gasoline engines utilize combustion chambers, radiators, water pumps, spark plugs, and dozens of other complex systems that require costly upgrades and replacements. Electric scooter engines, on the other hand, are studies in efficiency and simplicity.


However, even with these considerable financial savings, the real impetus for riding an electric scooter as opposed to a gas car is how small your overall carbon footprint will be. With zero emissions, a scooter eliminates smog and other particulate waste. If a quarter of the population chose to ride electric scooters, the overall positive environmental impact would be immense. On average, a car produces about 31 metric tons of carbon per year. In the United States alone, there are about 157 million registered gasoline vehicles. If 39 million of those were taken off the road and replaced with electric scooters, that’s an overall carbon footprint reduction of 1,209,000,000 metric tons — that’s right, a reduction of over a billion metric tons per year.


In addition to these incredible environmental savings, scooters are actually more efficient in terms of time spent on the road for many urban dwellers. In a city such as Los Angeles, for example, an electric scooter can often cover the same distance as a car in a much shorter frame of time. This is partially because a scooter can navigate around traffic jams and through much smaller passageways than a traditional car. Also, an electric scooter takes up less room, which it makes it very easy to park. In many parts of the city, being able to park rapidly can often make the difference between catching an opportunity and sitting out on the sidelines. Being able to zip home during rush hour will make you the envy of your coworkers and neighbors. Plus, electric scooters have a certain cache — fashionable and sporty, they will earn you praise and admiration as you speed through the city.


Electric scooters are perfect for people in the prime of their lives who enjoy actively participating in their surroundings and saving huge amounts of cash while doing so. With increased turmoil in the Middle East, gasoline shows no signs of getting cheaper over the next few years. Additionally, with larger numbers of people moving from rural areas into the cities, the need for a cleaner, more compact mode of personal transportation has hardly been more pressing. While electric scooters may not be for everyone, they offer enough benefits to make them an appealing alternative to traditional modes of transport for most people. Electric scooters offer a convenient way to protect not only each of our financial futures, but our environmental ones as well.


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