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Commonly Used Electric Scooter Accessories

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armrest bag: A supplemental cargo holder that fastens to the underside or front of the armrest on a mobility scooter. Armrest bags come in various sizes with different fastener types, including Velcro and zippers.


battery charger: Battery chargers do exactly what the name implies: recharge the scooter's batteries with enough energy to continue operating. There are two types of battery chargers: onboard and offboard. Onboard chargers are usually lightweight compared to offboard models, and can be stored on or in the scooter. They often remain connected to the battery and plug into a standard grounded wall outlet for recharging. Offboard chargers are large and relatively heavy pieces of equipment; the battery must be connected to it each time you need to recharge it.


canopy: A fabric covering which slips onto mounting poles which attach to a scooter to protect the scooter and the rider from wind, sun, rain, and other inclement weather. Vented scooter canopies are available to allow breezes to pass through the fabric on warm days, and some canopies also feature fold-down drapes to allow for user customization on the fly.


charger: A device which plugs into a standard 110-volt wall outlet and recharges a battery that is itself plugged into the scooter battery charger. These are available in offboard and onboard models.


color change panel: Sometimes called a quick change panel, many scooter models include two or more color change panels. These panels snap onto the chassis quickly and easily so that you can alter the color of your scooter in seconds.


electric scooter battery: A device which converts stored chemical energy into electrical energy. Most scooter batteries are either absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries or gel batteries made by mixing sulfuric acid with silica fume; this is a safety precaution to prevent user injury from acid spills or gradual corrosion, which can occur if a standard acid battery is tipped or turned over. AGM and gel batteries are also more likely to be approved by the FAA for transporting on airline flights, since they don't create a safety hazard if they shift or tip during transit.


glove box: A supplemental storage container which attaches underneath the seat of the scooter, allowing the user to discreetly store items for personal security reasons. Glove boxes are available in several sizes.


holder: A canvas or nylon bag which attaches to a scooter to facilitate the transport of canes, crutches, or oxygen tanks. Holders are highly recommended for scooter users who carry bulky mobility or medical equipment with them as a preventative for accidents and injuries.


modular ramp: A large non-folding ramp which is intended to be installed and left in one location, usually to provide access to a home or business for scooters and wheelchairs. Modular ramps usually require precise preparatory measurements, as they are custom-built to suit a specific location.


multifold ramp: A ramp which folds in two or more places to accommodate portability. Trifold ramps are the most common variant of multifold ramps.


personal cover: A zippered or elastic-cuffed protective garment, usually made of waterproof nylon and sometimes lined with fleece. These personal covers are designed to protect scooter users from inclement weather such as wind, rain, or extreme cold.


scooter cover: A sheet of fabric, usually stitched together to completely envelope a scooter or part of a scooter, which protects the scooter's finish, controls, motor, and electrical system from weather damage. Scooter covers are a must-have if you plan to store your scooter outdoors.


seatback bag: A supplemental cargo holder which attaches to the back of the seat on a scooter and allows for extra storage. Like armrest bags, these seatback bags are available in various sizes and configurations.


solid ramp: A lightweight, non-folding ramp, often made from aluminum. Solid ramps can be used permanently in a given location or moved from place to place to provide access for scooters and wheelchairs.


suitcase ramp: A lightweight, portable ramp which is equipped with carrying handles. Most suitcase ramps are also multifold ramps.


threshold ramp: A small ramp, made of aluminum or rubber, which is used to clear small height obstructions in a home or business while using a scooter or wheelchair. Threshold ramps are usually sold in pairs.


tiller bag: A supplemental cargo holder which fastens to the tiller, or steering mechanism, of a scooter to provide extra storage space. Like armrest bags, tiller bags are available in various sizes and configurations.


tray: An attachable (and removable) flat surface made of metal, plastic, or wood. Trays allow a scooter user to read, write, use a laptop computer, or enjoy meals while using their electric scooter.


vehicle ramp: Ramps which are used to load and unload scooters into and out of an automobile. Vehicle ramps are available in models that install permanently (such as side door ramps and rear door ramps), models which mount to a trailer hitch, and others that are removable and portable.

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