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Pride Baja Wrangler 2 - 4 Wheel Scooter

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The Baja Wrangler 2 outdoor mobility scooter brings unprecedented capabilities to the outdoor personal mobility vehicle class. It's built for utility, durability and your greatest adventures.

The Baja Wrangler 2 is the trusty trail navigator of mobility equipment.

It's the faithful ranch hand, the plot gardener's assistant.

Powered by dual 24-volt/120-amp motors, the 14.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tires crush it on root-strewn paths, gravel and sandy surfaces. Meanwhile a rugged suspension system, steering stabilizer and standard pillow-top seat cover provide all-day comfort for the long haul. If you like to spend every possible minute out in the open air, trust us — this is the outdoor mobility scooter you’ve been waiting for.
  • Limited recline, black vinyl, high-back seat with heavy-duty seat post
  • Storage Compartment
  • CTS Suspension includes features industry-leading suspension for a much smoother ride
  • Steering dampening system absorbs uncontrolled movement over rugged terrain designed to reduce fatigue by reducing the energy needed to control the handlebars
  • User friendly LED console displays time, temperature, miles driven, and trips taken
  • Adjustable delta tiller with ergonomic, wraparound handles
  • USB charger built into the tiller for convenient charging of smart phones and portable devices
  • Easily accessible tie-down points (for transport of unoccupied scooter)
  • Full LED lighting package includes headlights, hazard lights, and directional signals
  • Rear backup sensor LED lights indicates when you are too close to an object when in reverse

Non-Medical Device. The intended use of this product is to provide assistance to persons with limited mobility who have the capacity to operate a motorized scooter.

Warranty Info

See the Documentation section for a detailed warranty document.


Products Specs
Weight Capacity350 lb
Top Speed11 mph
Ground Clearance5.5"
Turning Radius94.75"
Maximum Distance Per Charge18.6 mi
Weight (with batteries)370 lb
Weight (no batteries)274 lb
Tire TypePneumatic
Front Wheel Size14.5"
Rear Wheel Size14.5"
Battery Type75AH or 100AH
Battery Charger8 Amp, Off-board
Move In Reverse?Yes
Put Wheels In Freewheel?Yes
Scooter Length61.25"
Scooter Width32.5"
Seat Depth16.5"
Seat Width18.5"
Tiller StyleDelta
  • Color
    • Desert Sand  $0.00

      Desert Sand

    • True Blue  $0.00

      True Blue

  • Seat Type
    • High Back, 105 Degree Limited Recline, Ultra Comfort, 16″W×16″–18″D  $0.00

      No Image

    • High Back, 105 Degree Limited Recline, Ultra Comfort, 18″W×18″–20″D  $0.00

      No Image

    • High Back, 105 Degree Limited Recline, Ultra Comfort, 20″W×18″–20″D  $300.00

      No Image

    • High Back, 105 Degree Limited Recline, Ultra Comfort, 22″W×20″–22″D  $350.00

      No Image

  • Batteries
    • 75AH Batteries (set of 2)  $0.00

      No Image

    • 100AH Batteries (Group 27 set of 2)  $350.00

      No Image

  • Accessories
    • Rear View Mirror  $0.00

      Rear View Mirror

    • Large Scooter Cover  $170.00

      Scooter Cover, Super Size

    • Basket For Front  $54.00

      No Image

    • Cup Holder  $30.00

      Cup Holder Style C Pride Scooters

    • Lap Belt, 50"  $39.90

      No Image

    • Lap Belt, 70"  $39.90

      No Image

    • 2nd Rear View Mirror  $35.00

      No Image

    • Saddle Bag  $40.00

      No Image

    • Cell Phone Holder  $70.00

      No Image

  • Back-Mounted Accessories (Includes mounting hardware.)
    • Only one back-mounted accessory can be used at a time.  $0.00

      No Image

    • Oxygen Tank Holder  $98.00

      No Image

    • Walker Holder  $103.00

      No Image

    • Rear Basket - 15.25"x9.75"x9.5"  $80.00

      Rear Basket 15.25" x 9.75" x 9.5"

    • Storage POD  $95.00

      Pride Storage POD

  • Cane/Crutch Holders (only one can be used at a time)
    • Wishbone Crutch Holder  $98.00

      No Image

    • Quad Cane Holder  $98.00

      No Image

    • Forearm Crutch Holder  $98.00

      No Image

    • Single Rear Mount 3"  $70.00

      No Image

    • Double Rear Mount 3"  $70.00

      No Image

  • Military Patches
    • Air Force  $21.00

      Air Force Patch

    • Army  $21.00

      Army Patch

    • Coast Guard  $21.00

      Coast Guard Patch

    • Marine Corps  $21.00

      U.S. Marine Corps Patch

    • Navy  $21.00

      Navy Patch

    • Purple Heart  $21.00

      Purple Heart Patch

  • Warranty
    • 1 Year In-Home Parts & Labor Warranty  $0.00

      No Image

    • 2 Year In-Home Labor Warranty  $269.00

      No Image

  • Delivery
    • If your area is not accessible by a semi-trailer truck, the only delivery option is White Glove Delivery.  $0.00

      No Image

    • Free Standard Delivery  $0.00

      No Image

    • White Glove Delivery and Set Up
      (unpack, set up, remove box)

      No Image


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