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Group 24 Sealed Gel Battery, FEM 1/4" Terminal

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Product Review

This is a Group 24 (for exact capacity please see specifications) Gel battery with FEM terminals from MK Battery. MK Battery makes the highest quality batteries and they are up to the challenges presented by your electric scooter or power wheelchair. Every battery we sell is 100% maintenance free, sealed, non-spillable, and approved for public transportation. They will last longer and charge deeper than your current battery - unless your mobility device manufacturer was smart enough to use MK Battery in the first place!

Warranty Info

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  • Approved for public transportation, even airlines
  • Rated non-spillable by the ICAO, DOT, and IATA
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Completely sealed


Products Specs
Battery TypeGel
Terminal TypeFEM 1/4"
Voltage12 V
Amp Rating73.6 A
Battery Weight53.6 lb
Battery Length10.25"
Battery Width6.75"
Battery Height8.25"

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